Dominica Citizenship Program

Since the establishment of the Dominica Citizenship-by- Investment Program in 1991, more than 2,000 families have received Dominican citizenship. The program operates under Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 of the Citizenship Act and allows the government to grant citizenship to persons who qualify under their criteria and the policy guidelines. This program was designed to boost Dominica’s economic investment.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent English-speaking island state situated between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. It is a former British colony and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (British Commonwealth), as well as the United Nations, the Organization of American States (OAS), CARICOM and other international organizations. One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, it has a pleasant climate, particularly in the cooler period between December and March. The island’s 800 square kilometers are home to over 65,000 inhabitants, with around 3,000 being the last surviving native Carib people in the Caribbean. The island has an almost non-existent crime rate. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is pegged to the US dollar.

The Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Program requires making an economic contribution to the country. In exchange, applicants and their families are granted full citizenship. The economic contribution takes the form of a non-refundable payment made directly to the government.

Under the current regulations, there are five options for obtaining citizenship: The Single Applicant, three Family Applications as well as a Real Estate option.

  • Under the Single Application option, the applicant pays USD 100,000
  • Under Family Application (for applicant and spouse), USD 175,000
  • Under Family Application (for applicant, spouse and two dependents under 18), USD 200,000
  • Under Family Application for an applicant with up to three dependents (applicant, spouse, two dependents under 18), USD 200,000
  • Where there is a family unit of four or more, there is a fee of USD 50,000 for each additional dependent. Please note there is a USD 2,000 cost when registering a descendant within five years of birth

Process Timeline:
This immigration program required fast processing of 4 months* (Estimated timeframe)

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship Program

  • There are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Dominica.
  • The Dominica passport allows visa-free travel to over 137 destinations including the Schengen area
  • The applicant and their family receive full citizenship and passports, which can be passed on to future generations by descent
  • Citizens of Dominica receive certain limited preferential treatment in the UK due to the country’s membership of the Commonwealth


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